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In order to access humans with defined genetic backgrounds and careful metabolic and anthropometric characterisation, we have established the Oxford Biobank, which includes more than 8,000 people healthy population- based 30-50 year old men and women resident in Oxfordshire. Participants have consented to be re-approached for a ‘recruit-by-genotype’ participation in physiological studies of complex intermediary phenotypes. The Oxford Biobank can be accessed by Oxford-based, internal researchers and external investigators.

The Oxford Biobank steering committee prioritises proposals. Once the proposals are accepted, a costing model will be calculated based on level of access and the nature of the work.


To enable the Oxford Biobank study team to assess whether access is feasible, please fill in the Oxford Biobank Request Form outlining the details of the study and send it to:-

Professor Fredrik Karpe
University of Oxford
Churchill Hospital


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