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The Oxford BioBank is a collection of 25-55 year old healthy men and women living in Oxfordshire. All participants have undergone a detailed examination at a screening visit, donated DNA and given informed consent to be re-approached. The Oxford BioBank is a resource for medical research to translate early discoveries to the benefit of patients in the future.

The Oxford BioBank investigations focus on research into common diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

In 2015 a new cohort of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) was introduced as part of the Oxford BioBank. Recruitment of men and women with T2DM aged 25-75 years will enable studies on physiological consequences of genetic mechanisms of the disease in order to better understand why some people are more resilient than others in developing adult chronic diseases.

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What is the Biobank here for?


Participants have consented to be re-approached for a ‘recruit-by-genotype’ participation in physiological studies of complex intermediary phenotypes. The Oxford Biobank can be accessed by Oxford-based, internal researchers and external investigators.


By volunteering to participate, you help us to carry out research in a number of different diseases and conditions like diabetes, obesity and other metabolic illnesses and heart disease

Your participation may also help in the development of new drugs and treatments for these illnesses. This will benefit future generations as we may be able to offer better treatment of these illnesses

Researchers are already publishing the results of research that has used samples from the Oxford BioBank.

Further information is available in our OBB Patient Information Sheet (pdf)


The Oxford Biobank is an immensely valuable resource consisting of a local population whose data (from a screening visit) provide information on mechanisms of disease (typically diabetes and heart disease) and opportunities to engage in the development of novel diagnostics and novel therapies.

How Do I Take Part?

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Telephone: +44 (0)1865 857284 OR Email:obb@ocdem.ox.ac.uk OR contact form

Come to OCDEM for your appointment after fasting overnight
Please fast on the day of your appointment!

We ask you to have your evening meal before 9pm the evening before, and not to eat or drink anything except water before your appointment.

At the screening visit you will fill in some questionnaires and have some measurements taken
Measurement details

We record your blood pressure, height, weight and waist and hip measurements. We take measurements of your body fat by pinching the skin on your arm, hip and back. We take a blood sample (approximately 50mls of blood). We perform a DEXA scan, which measures your total body fat as well as some regional deposits of fat. The scan takes about 7-12 minutes to complete and will be done by one of the trained research nurses. We will record your family history.

After about an hour and a half, we will provide you with a light snack and you can go home
Food available

Tea, coffee, toast with different jams.


+44 (0)1865 857284

Churchill Hospital
Headington, Oxford