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19 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Many thanks to the Oxford Biobank team for a very relaxing, friendly and enjoyable experience and I would be very happy to come back in the future for any studies I may be eligible for.

  2. Hi, I participated in the Oxford Biobank study in 2011, just after turning 30. I really enjoyed the experience, particularly the body imaging scan and finding out that my current shape was pretty normal. As I’m trying to find ways to improve my health and well-being, this type of information is a great resource. The staff were very welcoming. I look forward to hopefully taking part in future studies.

  3. I participated in August 2011, and I am pleased to say that I have since lost 2 stone, as i was a bit overweight and the body scan inspired me to do so! I hope that the research has helped medical knowledge for the future.

  4. I attended the bio bank sometime ago now. I was made to feel at ease and comfortable with everything that was conducted. I particularly found the body scan interesting. Everything was explained very well. I would accept any further study without hesitation.
    Thank you.

  5. Thanks for making this a really positive and interesting experience. It gave me some valuable feedback about the progress I’ve made after losing a lot of weight – and clear pointers about the things I can still do to improve my health. Some of the results were surprising, and gave me a real insight into how my body works. I would be very happy to participate in further research.

  6. Very friendly nurse who made me feel very comfortable. An interesting experience and only there for 1 1/4 hour, which is not long in the scheme of things.

  7. I joined what seems like many years ago, and went back recently to help with one study. Friendly nurse, quick and easy, and painless. Very happy to help, and would do so again.

  8. I really appreciated being able to participate in the biobank studies.
    It gave me a real sense of well-being and appreciation that all the years of doing weight-bearing exercises at the gym, to improve the strength of my bones, was worth it. I come from a family with a history of arthritis and osteoporosis on my female line, and since a young age, I was concerned I didn’t want to suffer the same fate, hence had made a lot of effort to go to the gym, and do weight lifting and do climbing courses, and other exercise regimes to ensure my fitness in order to counteract the impacts of arthritis I was afraid of inheriting through my grandmother’s and mother’s genetic line. Fortunately the biobank assessment cleared me and the kind lady who assessed me, told me not to worry, I had a high bone density and would never suffer from osteoporosis, and all the hard-work down at the gym twice a week had paid off.

  9. Just to say ‘thank you’ to the two people I met this morning at 7am. (Apologies, I am terrible at remembering names!)

    You made the experience an enjoyable and informative one (not that I expected much else but as it was my first time volunteering I was not sure what to expect).
    Without doubt I would happily volunteer to a research program again on the basis of this experience.

  10. The experience was very interesting and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Following my visit I set about a healthy eating and exercise plan and I’m now nearly 2stone lighter. I’d love to run the tests again to see what a difference it has made! Thank you!

  11. Clare Sylvester-Wyness

    I attended Oxford Biobank a number of times, two complete days and other occasions for hours rather a day. I found the staff exceptional in their bedside manner and friendly approach. I felt I had time to contribute to research and would be willing to attend any future research programme. From a selfish point of view I was keen to learn about my health and wellbeing. I was able to have an MRI scan of my liver, a Dexter scan and much more. I cannot promote the facilities of Oxford Biobank and the staff who are working for a healthy future for one and all. Thank you.

  12. You sent me a follow up review last, but I’ve misplaced it.
    More than happy to participate if you want to send me another appointment

  13. Very interesting and worth while experience. It made me aware of lifestyle changes that I needed to make, 6 months on I’m feeling the benifets having lost weight and much improved fitness. I would be intrigued to see the changes with a 2nd visit.

  14. Very happy to have contributed my time to further the research that you all do. Fantastic staff and a great facility. A pleasure to have helped and interesting to see my inner workings on the Ultrasound and DEXA scan. Seems to have kept everyone thinking about their lifestyle when you can actually see the fat and the damage. Always happy to help again. Thank you.

  15. Melanie Millward

    I have participated in the diabetes study. Which was really interesting.

    I would have loved to have been involved with the MS study as I have been diagnosed with late onset MS. Plus I have a number of friends with the condition.

  16. I would like to convey my best wishes to Jane Cheeseman on her retirement. She has always been a welcoming face when arriving for Biobank appointments over the years, and her skill and professionalism were plain to see.
    Have a wonderful retirement Jane, you thoroughly deserve it and you should be very proud of your Biobank achievements.

  17. Always a pleasure to support this important work! With sincere best wishes to Jane Cheeseman in her retirement and what a fantastic career achievement to be part of such far ranging education, research and support. Always lovely to see Jane and her colleagues. With best wishes.

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